Phenomenal Women's Conference


The beauty and dramatic flair of the peacock is proudly embraced as the
emblem of the Phenomenal Women’s Conference.
The phenomenal women distinguish their strut from a mere walk, and
confidently displays their extravagant beauty designed by God into the creation
of a strong sisterhood.
Because we are all bonded together we motivate, support, encourage, and
empower each other. The vibrant show of the fanned tail of the male peacock
symbolizes his valiant role as the covering for the female; which she welcomes
as her protector, mate, and confidant. Her awesome connection with her abiding
companion is a mirrored reflection of our same never-ending status with our
God. Her head is adorned with a special crest that allows her to feel the
ambiance of his power, strength, and love.
The eyes in the tail feathers of the peacock resembles and reflects how the
watchful eyes of our Creator guides us with grace, moral refinement, and
confidence in fulfilling our Divine destiny. “He shall cover thee with his feathers,
and under his wings shalt thou trust…” Psalms 91:4


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